Deadly Paradise

Dakheel Katton gave up all pretense of trying to read and set his book down on the glass top table beside him. He uncrossed his legs and set them on either side of the chaise and stared openly at the beautiful women dangling their feet in his enclosed garden pool. They were far enough away that he could not hear their conversation, but the mirrored animation of their dialogue was amusing to watch. He doubted if either of them realized that the sun had gone down more than an hour ago. Dozens of lights hidden among the lush, tropical plants that surrounded the pool bathed the pair in warm amber light as the night sound filtered through the screen mesh walls.

Who knew that his proper little assistant, Felicia Royale would look so good in a bathing suit? The floral print did little to conceal her luscious curves. He must be getting old, at 34, to have missed the heavy fullness of her large breasts. She was known at the office for her brilliant mind and standoffish demeanor. No one would believe that the hot woman sipping a margarita and giggling like a school girl was his efficient girl Friday. Over the years she had made him millions, but he could honestly say he didn’t really know her. Recently, he had even begun to suspect that she was gay. What other explanation could there be for her total lack of interest in him, as a man. He could not think of another woman who had so much access to him, who had not made at least a subtle hint that she was available to please him.

Woman had been throwing themselves at him since he was 14 years old. That was the year that he’d shot up to 6 foot in a summer. By the time that summer was over, he’d given his virginity to a maid in his father’ household, slept with his Latin tutor and allowed his grandmother’s secretary to satisfy him orally, Nothing was taboo. He loved sex. And it hadn’t taken him long to learn to talk women out of their panties. He didn’t actually have to do that much talking. Woman, generally, took one look at his 6 foot 4 inch muscular physique and got wet. One look into his golden eyes and they were tempted. Those fortunate enough to receive a devilish smile didn’t think twice about shedding their panties and spending some quality time in his bed.

But, it wasn’t his assistant that was the primary focus of his attention. It was her very appealing American cousin, Elisa Royale. The white bikini made a sharp contrast to her smooth chocolate colored skin. Dakheel was not much for sweets, but he had decided since Elisa arrived, that he loved chocolate. If given the opportunity, he was going to lick that woman from the tip of her perfectly painted toenail, up those long, lean legs, pass that flat belly with the tiniest diamond ring, to her just the right size breasts. Beneath his black silk trousers, his cock hardened painfully at the thought.

It had amused him to watch Felicia plan for Elisa’s two week European vacation. Felicia had spent the past month training her temporary replacement. The cousins were doing the whole tourist thing in London, Paris and Rome. Dak had given Felicia free use of his driver to pick Elisa up from Heathrow this afternoon. He knew that the girls had done a little sightseeing and then gone to High Street where they had dined at Claibert’s, a new French-Creole supper club.

From the moment that she had walked into his London townhouse, he had been captivated. Any reservation that he had about allowing Felicia’s cousin to stay here in her private wing evaporated. His handsome face heated as he remembered the knowing look she had given him as he openly admired her body. He hoped it was not just his imagination that saw open admiration in Elisa’s eyes as she, in turn, sized him up.

In his mind, he had stripped off her royal blue traveling suit and pictured her standing before him in nothing but a smile. He’d itched to remove that silly butterfly clip that drew her shoulder length brown hair into a polished ponytail at her nape. Warm brown eyes that reminded him of his favorite vintage cognac seemed to sparkle as a dimple revealing smile flashed across her face. His groin had tightened then, too, as he imagined those full burgundy lips giving him pleasure.

That initial attraction had not gone away though out the evening. He’d felt like a third wheel in his own home, as the cousin got reacquainted. They had tried at first to involve him in the conversation, but they were obviously more than just cousins. They had a way of finishing each other’s sentences that was strange to him. He had 14 brothers and sisters on his father’s side and shared with none of them the camaraderie that these two women shared. Where his family were individuals who shared blood, the Royales shared a bond that was soul deep.

So, now he sat, pretending to read a book when all he wanted to do was go steal Elisa from her cousin and carry her up to his suites. Hell, he could make love to her right here, if not for the watchful, disapproving eye of Felicia. What surprised him was that as much as he wanted to sink himself hilt deep into her feminine core, he wanted to taste her. He wanted to hold her down as he licked her from the front and the back. He wanted to feel her squeeze his head between her legs as he pleasured her with his tongue and lips. He knew the sounds she would make would make him wild with lust.

The peaceful night air was disturbed by the sound of a cell phone coming from the table beside him. On the third ring, Felicia noticed and came to investigate. She looked at the caller id and flipped the phone open as she made her way through the French doors that led into the house. The sound of her voice sharp as she responded to the caller.

Dakheel turned from watching Felicia’s exit to find Elisa stand beside his chair. Her bare feet had allowed her to approach him without any sound. She was close enough that he could feel the heat from her legs through his pants as she stood between his knees. He watched as she set her and Felicia’s empty glasses on the table. She placed one hand on his shoulder and used the other to gently caress his right cheek. Instinctively, his hand rose up to pull her closer into the embrace. He closed his eyes as the soft swell of her breast bumped against his face. The smell of chlorine, limes and female excitement filled his nostrils.

Elisa pushed him back until his back hit the chaise. She looked him boldly in the eyes as she lifted a leg to straddle both his thighs. Her smile deepened as he used both ass cheeks to pull her closer to his aroused need. He thought his heart would stop beating when she leaned down to lick gently at the side of his mouth. A hand snaked up to lose itself in her thick hair and position her mouth where he could reach up and capture her mouth. A soft and approving groan escaped her lips as his tongue invaded her mouth with a possessive need that rattled him. She met his tongue and proved herself a worthy opponent to his oral assault. Her nails scraped roughly against his scalp as she wrapped her fingers into his thick black hair.

He felt her pulling back from kiss and strained to maintain the contact. She tasted even sweeter than he had imagined and he didn’t want to ever stop kissing her. With a soft laugh, she finally broke free with a slight push on his shoulders.

“You are probably a lousy poker player. Your face does little to conceal your thoughts.” She spoke low into his ear. The smooth husky timber of her voice did little to cool his need.

He did not bother to reply. He knew that wasn’t exactly true. In business, he was ruthless and not above bending the truth to suit his needs. But, for some reason, he felt no need to shield himself from this woman. He wanted her. Point blank. What was the sense in pretending otherwise? There was only one natural conclusion to this situation. Ms. Elisa Royale had only to lift a little finger in his direction and she was getting fucked, proper like.

“Be careful, Mr. Katton. What you wish for…” she paused and slowly slid her hand down her belly until she reached the top of her swim suit. He followed her fingers as she used her left hand to slowly pull aside the crotch of the panty to reveal her shaven femininity. With the other hand, she circled her clit before dipping her index finger into her wet core. Pulling it out, she offered the glistening finger to Dakheel. He open his mouth and sucked her finger in, using his tongue to slowly encircle the digit before releasing his grip with a soft pop.

“….you just might get it.” With that she eased off his lap and head through the door her cousin had disappeared into. At the door, she turned at met his gaze. Pure female lust poured out of her eyes. A feline lift of her eyebrow was more invitation than he needed. She turned to walk out of the library into the hall. He closed the distance between in record speed. The hand he reached to grabbed her hand with shook slightly with anticipated need. He started to take the stairs two at a time, before he realized he had left her on the first landing. Rushing back, her pick her up and again made his way up the staircase.

He couldn’t ever remember wanting a woman this bad. Later, he would probably analyze the whats, wheres, and whys. But for right now, he needed to be in this woman. Hopefully, she would give him all night to quench his thirst for her.