Monday, September 27, 2010

Predictability and Plausibility

I figured out a long time ago what my reading pet peeves are.  Predictability and Plausibility.  If I can tell who did it two chapters in, that book may not get finished.  Same goes for plausibility.  Too many coincidences and the author loses street cred with me.  I need a reason to turn that page.

Last night, I was still trying to come up with a plausible reason for Dakheel to lash out, in Deadly Paradise.  This is not the beginning of story, but it's what sparked my interest to create Dak's story.  I asked a dozen male FB friends what they thought would set a man off, other than cheating.  I was very surprised by the response.  Almost all of them replied lies and/or secrets.

So, today I sat down and began working on my plot outline.  I usually start with a general idea of my character.  Then I troll the Internet until I find an image that brings that character to life for me.  I was pleased with the image that I came up with for Dakheel.  (Even though the model is Indian and not Algerian, he had the look I was going for.)  Elisa is still an vague image in my head.  I'm starting to see her character, but her face still eludes me.  All I do know is that she is going to screw up big time, probably with a lie of omission.

I decided on Huntsville and Nassau, as primary settings, because I am familiar with both of those locales, and wouldn't have to waste time with a lot of pre-writing research.  Also, there are some social issues, I would like to explore.

Then, I usually work on my bad guy.  In this case, I wanted him to be smooth and not necessarily evil, but definitely self-centered.  Think I've come up with a character I am going to love to hate.

I made it to Chapter 6 in my outline, before life got in the way.  I know how this is going to end...just not sure of the journey.

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