Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Muse

I've change my mind.
I need my Muse.
My words keep getting stuck
between my head
and the paper.

The part of me that was had began to blossom,
has once again started to die due to neglect.
I try to remember the feelings,
but they too are fading.

I need him to come back
stoke my embers,
make me laugh,
ignite my imagination,
play me a song,
spank my ass,
stimulate my mind,
feed my fantasy,
remind me to feel.


  1. I too need my muse. I need him to stroke my hair, hug me until my ribs crack and tell me with a voice as soft as velvet that, "baby everything is going to be alright."

    the Super Sistah

  2. :le sigh: don't we all. Good luck finding him. I think mine went to the Bahamas without me.

  3. Mine to a Sabbatical. I hope she's well rested!